Thursday, July 14, 2016

Neil Rogers Elected To Radio Hall Of Fame

     Legendary South Florida talk show host Neil Rogers was elected to the National Radio Hall Of Fame earlier this week. The induction ceremony will be held on November 17 in Chicago.
     Rogers had a 35-year run on South Florida radio airwaves. He joined WJNO-AM in 1975 and that lasted only a few months. Rogers moved down to Miami in March 1976 and worked at WKAT-AM as an afternoon host for two years. His next stop was at WNWS-AM in April 1978 and stayed there for almost six years.
     He followed that with a midday show stint at WINZ-AM from March 1984 to early October 1987. Rogers was switched over to sister-station WZTA-FM and held the morning show post for one year. He moved to another station in the cluster as he became the midday host on WIOD-AM in November 1988 and stayed there until May 1997.
     Following a six-month non-compete clause in his contract to not appear on radio anywhere locally, Rogers showed up on WQAM-AM in late December 1997 which was his final organization in radio broadcasting. He handled the midday shift at that station until June 2009 when he was forced out and retired.

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  1. "He handled the midday shift at that station until June 2009 when he retired."

    You mean when he was forced out by Jolly Joe Bell and Joyce Fitch....